Pelvic floor reconstructions

Rhineland Pelvic Floor Centre, Düsseldorf

All vaginal reconstruction procedures

  • For the anterior compartment
    • Transobturatory mesh-supported procedures (e.g. anterior InGenious mesh® or Avaulta® Plus)
    • Anterior vaginal repair using a biomesh interposition (Pelvisoft® mesh)
    • Classic anterior colporrhaphy
  • For the central compartment
    • Fixation of the vagina to the sacrospinous ligament using the Amreich-Richter procedure (uni- and bilateral)
    • Transischiorectal mesh-supported procedure (e.g. posterior InGenious mesh®)
  • For the posterior compartment
    • Posterior vaginal repair using a Pelvisoft® biomesh interposition
    • Classic posterior colporrhaphy

All abdominal reconstruction procedures

  • Correction of lateral defects using the Richardson technique
  • Colposuspension and cervical suspension (including using biomesh inserts)