Pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor exercises are used to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, which play a vital role in closing and opening the bladder outlet to enable urination. Failure to exercise or properly exercise the pelvic floor may result in a wide range of problems. In women, the effects of pregnancy and childbirth, excess weight and the loosening of connective tissue with age may lead to bladder and uterine prolapse, which could possibly cause problems such as urinary incontinence. Moreover, many women are unaware of how to use these important muscles because the pelvic floor goes largely unnoticed in our everyday lives. This means that the pelvic floor muscles are often not consciously used at all. However, as with all muscles, they will weaken if not exercised.

In order to begin exercising your muscles effectively, it is necessary to receive professional guidance on what the pelvic floor actually is and which muscles belong to it. You need to develop an ability to clearly feel your pelvic floor and to be taught about how the muscles work. By learning how to perform various exercises, you will then be in a position to train and continuously strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Targeted pelvic floor exercises alone are enough to considerably improve and, in some cases, even completely cure the symptoms of incontinence.

We recommend pelvic floor exercises for virtually all types of incontinence and to almost all patients, from pregnant women and new mothers (whether or not they are suffering from the symptoms of incontinence) to all other women (before or after the menopause).

Our intensive training course, which we run regularly, provides you with professional guidance on how to effectively exercise your pelvic floor and teaches you exercises which you can continue at home once the course is complete.