We use biofeedback to help you get the most out of your pelvic floor exercises. This involves the use of a small electronic device which not only gives you precise instructions on how to perform the exercises, but also gives you direct feedback on whether you are doing them correctly. All you have to do is insert a probe into your vagina which measures the activity of your pelvic floor muscles during the exercise. A screen displays instructions, which you can also listen to using headphones if you wish, informing you about which exercises you need to perform and for how long. After you start the exercises, the device will provide you with visual and audible feedback about whether you are performing them correctly and at the right intensity. The process is completely painless and is initially undertaken for a period of three months.

When used regularly (generally daily), biofeedback strengthens patients' pelvic floor muscles and urethral closure function, and improves coordination between the bladder muscle and pelvic floor muscles.

If required, we can loan you a biofeedback device during our biofeedback clinic. The rental costs are generally covered by your statutory health insurance. The device comes with a user guide and instructions on how to perform the exercises. The method is primarily suitable for treating stress incontinence.